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We manufacture wide variety of water-cooled / wet type, dry type, air-cooled (fin type) cylinder liners and sleeves for a number of applications for quality conscious customers. The cylinder liners are supplied to various O.E.M's and After Market world wide.
Cylinder liner and Sleeves are sand casted & centrifugally casted. Air Cooled Blocks are casted using resin coated sand which are made using Moulding Machines & Core shooters. The centrifugal casting is also done as per requirement of the customer. With highly qualified and technically competent team backed by 60 years of experience, our products have build up the unflinching brand image in the market. Constant technological developments & up-gradation of the equipment results in the constant improvement of our products. Our Cylinder Liners are manufactured from heavy-duty cast iron alloy, which is closed grained and has increased tensile strength. The materials used are as per the specs required by the customers.
"Mustang" Cylinder Liners have Fine Lamellar Pearlite with maximum of 5% free Ferrite and no free Carbides. Steadite is well distributed with a minimum network formation. Special Custom made Liners are made to achieve 90% 'A' type Graphite.
"Mustang" Cylinder Liners have a tensile strength of 30,000 Psi minimum and hardness of 180 to 240 BHN


  • Diesel Engine

  • Bi-Wheelers/3 wheelers

  • Cars

  • Tractors

  • Light Commercial Vehicles

  • Heavy Commercial vehicles

  • Stationary Engines

  • Air ammonia compressor

Range :   
 Id :
50 mm to 150 mm Internal Diameter
OD: 225 mm max
Length: 400 mm max


  • Phosphating

  • Hard chrome in bore

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